Pneuservis Praha 3 Pneuservis Praha 9 ALU OPRAV

Pneu Hulin

Dear clients, it is our honour to introduce you to the quality PNEUHULIN tyre service, which is available to you in Prague 3 - Na Balkáně.

We think that your car, in which you have invested considerable funds and expect from it a long, reliable and safe operation, needs appropriate care in a professional tire service.

We have been dealing with all works related to the care of tires, as well as other exposed parts of cars, for many years. We have tried to take advantage of all this experience and have built a tire service where you and your car will be attended by a team of experienced professionals using the most modern technical equipment available.

We have prepared the widest range of tires and other accessories from reputable manufacturers and a wide range of services at good prices.

We know that only a satisfied client will come back to us. We look forward to your visit.

Your service team PNEUHULIN.